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Since our incorporation in 1983, GDS Engineering Pte Ltd have gained more than 30 years of experience in cleanroom utilities installation, the design and installation of high and low tension electrical installation, fire alarm systems, air-conditioning installations and compressed air piping. The experience greatly enhances our efforts in perfecting our jobs.

In GDS, we emphasize on quality – quality in every aspect of our job, be it workmanship, design installation, etc. We understand that to increase the demand of our individual services, our work has to be of certain standard. To maintain that kind high standards we have set for ourselves, we have got to constantly deliver quality workmanship.

Here in GDS, clients are given the highest priority. We always make sure that our work will not cause them any inconvenience. Shoddy workmanship and the use of inferior quality materials will be a hazard to life and property, and will at times render clean room un-operational. Clients will incur high cost in repairing any
breakdown due to any carelessness in our work. We know that it is our responsibility to prevent anything similar to happen. That’s why we place strong emphasis on sound design, skilled and dedicated workmanship in installation, made complete with materials built to survive tough conditions.

All our clients have come to appreciate our vast experience and our commitments to their projects and dedication to meet quality standards. Time and again, we have stood the tests of our clients. Our pride is found in the hallmark of satisfied clients.

Mission, Vision and Company Directive


We aim to be the company of your choice. As a customer-orientated company, we provide excellent services and quality workmanship.


Our aim is to be the best solution for your needs, to be unequalled in the services we provide and to surpass the efficiency and quality of work offered by our competitors. One of our objectives is to help clients save time. In business, time is money. Any delay is actually money wasted. Although delays are inevitable when there is a need to coordinate many different activities with various parties, we believe that our combined group efforts have kept it to the minimum.

Company Directive

With the growing trend of environmental friendly and the critical environmental challenge that the world is facing, we are more mindful and aim to explore the new green technologies and products to provide better solutions for our customers’ requirement, and devote to create a safer and sustainable environment to our earth as well.

Our Services

GDS provides Project management, Design & Build, ACMV, Cleanroom, Bio-laboratory, Mechanical & Electrical system for various types of buildings, including the following maintenance project and maintenance works such as:

Integrated Building Servicing
ACMV Servicing
Chiller Servicing
Generator Servicing
Pumps Servicing
Electrical installation Servicing
Fire Protection & Prevention System
Communication & Security System


Volatile Organic Compounds Detection System

  • We design, fabricate, supply, install, commission, operate and maintain real-time VOC remote monitoring system.
  • VOC is able to detect up to 400 chemicals and are sensitive enough to pick up highly diluted concentration of the substances.

Elevator Energy Recover System (EERS)

  • Elevators use a counter weight to reduce the energy used to hoist the lift car when it is empty or fully loaded.
  • During empty and full load, the weight differential between lift car and counter-weight create electrical energy.
  • EERS is designed to capture the energy and regenerate it back to the grid or to other loads thereby reducing the net energy consumed from the grid.

Fuel Cell

  • A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, water and heat. It is a promising technology for use as a source of heat and electricity for buildings and as an electrical power source for electric motors.
  • Operate best on pure hydrogen and produce almost no pollution
  • Quiet, durable and high efficiency
  • Able to scale up depending on the power needs of a facility

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