About Us

Kim Technology & Systems Engineering Pte Ltd was established since 1988, with more than 20 years of experience. We are well known in the design and installation of sanitary and plumbing, fire fighting systems, gas piping systems and installation of hose reel piping for Commercial, Industrial, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Projects. We fully understand the need of constant developments of the product and services for our clients in order to maintain and excel our present achievement and position in the industry.

We specialize in Design and Build for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. We do not just aim to make our clients proud but their desire to work with us. In order to better satisfy our clients, we strive to be an all-rounder in the industry. We are one-stop service provider for all your engineering needs.

Kim Technology & Systems Engineering Pte Ltd army never march into a construction site unless they are familiar with all the works given.

Mission, Vision and Company Directive


We aim to be the company of your choice. The Nascent of Mechanical and Electrical Design and Build Company of Singapore As a customer-orientated company, we provide excellent services and quality workmanship.


Our aim is to be your only need, to provide and surpass what others offered. Our objective is to help clients economically. In business, time is money. Any delay is actually money wasted. We turnkey and coordinate different activities precisely. We believe that our efforts are beneficial.

Company Directive

With the growing trend of environmental conscience and the critical monetary challenge that the world is facing. We aim to introduce green technologies to provide better solutions fulfilling customers’ requirements. We are devoted to create a safe and fully sustainable environment to our Singapore and eventually worldwide.

Our Services

We specialize in design and construct of various types of piping systems, which include PVDF, FRP, PPR, PPH, PPS and HDPE. Besides, we surmount in the following services:

Piping Systems
  • LPG and natural gas piping systems
  • Utility gas piping systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Low to high pressure steam piping systems
  • Process utilities piping
  • Double containment piping system
  • Cold and hot water piping & systems
  • Sanitary and plumbing systems
Drainage Systems
  • Chemical neutralisation waste treatment systems
  • Chemical waste drainage systems
  • Siphonic roof drainage systems
  • Rainwater collection and recycling systems
Waste Treatment Systems


Waste Water System / Water Harvesting

  • Valsir System
  • Grease Trap
  • Greywater System
  • Rainwater Collection & Harvesting
  • Backwater Valve System
  • Leaf Filter
  • Ultra Drain Seal
  • Ultra Microbes Booms


  • Spent Cooking Oil Collection System
  • Ultra Ever Dry
  • Asbestos Removal Service
  • Lumi cycle
  • Self Sustaining Agriculture

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No.2 Serangoon North Avenue 5 #08-01 Singapore 554911

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Tel: (65) 6289 1624 / (65) 6285 8112

Fax: (65) 6287 8430